Jaquette Identity


  • magazine : Revolutionart
  • numero : 43 - 2013
  • date : 27 août 2013
  • catégorie : Culture & arts


  • Dirty Little Secrets


    par Sarah Rosado
  • T-Guardian

    The “T-Guardian” is a sculpture which is travelling the worlds’ museums and exhibitions. Exclusively for the La Biennale Venezia the scolptors made their journey to Italy. Each day and night they show up on a different spot in Berlin. This unique light project is created by Christoph Luckeneder and Manfred Kielnhofer.

  • Hotel Lebua

    Hotel Lebua offers a great number of sofisticated experiences. Either by enjoying an innovative cocktail in the hights of the State Tower, or by pleasing your senses in the various restaurants. All of that provided with dazzling and inspiring design.

  • Emily and The Family
  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Rodriguez

  • Mikaila

    Mikaila Von Merr

  • Nelson

    Nelson Medina

  • The Art in your Mind’s Eye

    The art in your mind’s eye. It’s what painters do every day. Those images you feel and try to capture with paint--not by seeing them, but by feeling them and letting your fingertips make the shapes and swirls that will become a tree, or a sky, or an old barn.

    par Tammy Ruggles
  • Hold On To Your True Identity
  • Identity

    - Andrew Roach
    - Alessandro Gonzales

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