Jaquette Nagle


  • magazine : Broom
  • numero : 53 - octobre 1923
  • date : 01 octobre 1923
  • catégorie : Culture & arts


  • Soto and the new world

    Courage is strength—and you are vigilant, sagacious, firm besides.

    par William Carlos Williams
  • How many miles to Babylon ?

    This nursery rhyme has won the eulogies of R. L. Stevenson and
    Mr. Walter de la Mare, among other distinguished poets, as being
    one of the most truly poetic pieces in the language.

    par Robert Graves
  • “A boire ! A boire”

    Gargantua shouted it when he came fat and ruddy tumbling into
    that bright and wine-glorious country of France.

    par Slater Brown
  • The poet assassinated

    Persecution - Assassination - Apotheosis -

    par Guillaume Apollinaire
  • Social position

    Nearly everyone is perplexed by the human instinct to either
    lord it over other people or bow down to them. In the eyes of the
    Infinite, all pride is dust and ashes. But as we must live with our
    brother man, it is natural that each of us should have his ideal of
    proper society.

    par Joseph Gould
  • Joseph Gould

    The man

    par E. N. , S. B.
  • The priest speaks par William Gamaliel Shepard
  • Henry Ford

    Who has ever approached political thought or action with an

    par Matthew Josephson
  • A black wren

    The water was cold and freshening as it poured from the brass
    tap over his fingers and wrists, and he was so occupied with his
    pleasure that he scarcely noticed his wife passing through the
    scullery and only heard her voice vaguely, saying, "I'm going out to
    see about a black wren."

    par John Freeman
  • Travels in Arabia Deserts

    We won't attempt the futility of

    par C. M. Doughty

A propos du magazine

Broom BROOM est une revue d'avant-garde américaine qui s'inscrit dans le genre des "little reviews". Fondée par l’éditeur américain Harold A. Loeb, cette revue se veut un "outil de défense de la littérature et de l’art américain contemporain qui accorde cependant une place essentielle à l’Europe et à ses innovations" .

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