Jaquette Nixon is peking

Nixon is peking

  • magazine : Punch
  • numero : 6859 - 1972
  • date : 01 février 1972
  • catégorie : Culture & arts


  • The Miners’ Spitting Image

    If your face fits, says ALAN BRIEN, wear it

    par Alan Brien
  • Will Dirty Old Men Get a Fair Crack of the Whip?

    Oris it, asks Alan Coren, just a flash in the pan?

    par Alan Coren
  • Right between the eyes

    Basil Boothroyd noses out a sensational new trend

    par Basil Boothroyd
  • My Man for The White House

    ... meanwhile, back at the /ab, man's unending quest to corne up with a synthetic Nixon-substitute both palatable and non-injurious to hea/th goes on. Continuing our pioneering series, this week it's Carl Foreman's turn to pick

    par Carl Foreman

A propos du magazine

Punch PUNCH is a satirical magazine created in 1841 by Henry Mayhew. It is well known for discovering authors and drawers like Willie Wilde and Cecil Aldin. The magazine was really popular in the second half of the XIXth century and lasted until 2002 when it had to stop its publication because of a bad turnover.

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