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Spread the world

  • magazine : Form
  • numero : 416 - 2016
  • date : 01 septembre 2016
  • catégorie : Art de vivre


  • Song of a beast par Salka Hallström Bornold
  • Memorial architecture

    He broke through late,
    but has become one of our time’s leading architects.
    Salka Hallström Bornold meets Daniel Libeskind, who just
    designed a museum of Kurdish culture in Iraq.

    par Salka Hallström Bornold
  • Fashion’s new frontiers

    The wardrobe of the future is wired.
    Bradley Quinn describes a future where consumers can
    communicate directly through their 3D-printed clothes.

    par Bradley Quinn
  • Staffan Holm

    As a kid he divided his time between karate classes and the family workshop.
    Today, Staffan Holm is most well-known for designing stools.
    Bo Madestrand meets up with a designer who is too busy to feel stressed.

    par Bo Madestrand
  • The Matrix

    A reorganisation is on the cards. Identity politics is polarising the debate and the old
    guard is resisting. Salka Hallström Bornold sorts out the exotic concepts that everyone
    is bickering about – and explains why it is, in fact, a portal to the future.

    par Salka Hallström Bornold
  • Brave new world

    Thanks to identity politics, fashion’s old notions
    about beauty, ethnicity and gender are being
    challenged. Photographer Märta Thisner shows
    the way to a future without prejudice.

  • Fashion critical condition

    Fashion’s rumoured death isn’t all that
    exaggerated. But now there’s a new norm
    critical guard that could revitalise a culture
    in danger of extinction.

    par Göran Sundberg
  • Great expectations

    Trash culture, body meditations
    and quiet politics – this year’s final
    exhibitions at Stockholm’s design
    schools were unusually introspective.
    Salka Hallström Bornold shot her

  • The garden of God and evil

    The Venice Architecture Biennale is a
    dark mirror image of the horrific political situation in Europe.
    Even more so than curator Alejandro Aravena could have
    hoped for, suspects Salka Hallström Bornold.

    par Salka Hallström Bornold
  • Fashion after fashion

    After five years at Viktor & Rolf, Swedish
    designer Sara Alfhild Külper knows every
    nook and cranny of the fashion system.
    Here is her vision of the future.

    par Emilia Engblad
  • Nhu Duong

    Synthetic materials meet organic shapes in Nhu Duong's garments. In her work, the swedish-vietnamese designer wants to blur the lines between real and fake.

    par Salka Hallström Bornold

A propos du magazine

Form FORM is the meeting between the industry's top writers and photographers. It is one of the oldest design magazines in the world, founded in 1905. FORM is a Stockholm based, covering architecture and design with a special focus on the Nordic region.

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