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Time machines

  • magazine : Form
  • numero : 220 - 2020
  • date : 29 avril 2020
  • catégorie : Art de vivre


  • The secret life of things

    Beer, good friends and beautiful design. That could easily summarise Jin Kuramoto. However, he also has a poetic and contemplative side clearly evident in his design.

    par Sofia Hallström
  • Better together

    Danish property company Almenr want to change the housing market. Rather than focusing on a property’s size and location, they bring together likeminded people whose values determine the design of new developments. Form’s Rasmus Graakjær met with them.

    par Rasmus Graakjær
  • The survivors

    Hair jewellers, broom binders, rope makers and cocklestove tilers. Craft genres that have looked death in the eye and survived. Now the design industry and a passionate few are securing their place in the 2020s.

    par Sofia Hallström
  • Missbehaving

    The project Misschiefs gathered ten of Sweden’s leading designers for an exhibition in the borderlands of art and design.
    Now they’re taking their punky design to Milan.

    par Bo Madestrand
  • Highlights from Stockholm

    Chairs of rope, a wonderfully wacky design bar and a cathedral for sound. Form’s team sum up this year’s furniture fair in Stockholm, where we also handed out our Form Award in five categories.

    par Bo Madestran , Hanna Schück
  • Leg room

    With her organic powder puff furniture, Anna Aagard Jensen is challenging traditional gender roles and encouraging women to take up more space in public. By changing our body language, we can also change our way of thinking, she says.

    par Carolina Söderhölm
  • Ceramic for dummies par Carolina Söderholm

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Form FORM is the meeting between the industry's top writers and photographers. It is one of the oldest design magazines in the world, founded in 1905. FORM is a Stockholm based, covering architecture and design with a special focus on the Nordic region.

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