Jaquette Welcome to Sweden

Welcome to Sweden

  • magazine : Form
  • numero : 315 - 2015
  • date : 05 juin 2015
  • catégorie : Art de vivre


  • Thank you, Lars

    Lars Tunbjörk has passed away, only 59 years old.
    Bo Madestrand remembers a man and photographer who has
    forever changed how we see the human and Sweden.

    par Bo Madestrand
  • Golden days

    This year is Form Magazine’s 110th anniversary.
    Bo Madestrand sat down in the library of Svensk Form with
    Lennart Lindkvist, editor-in-chief from 1963–1973, to
    talk about the history of the magazine.

    par Bo Madestrand
  • The hard core of Tuscany

    From the mountains of north-western Tuscany comes
    the exquisite marble that has been loved by everyone from
    Michelangelo to Jasper Morrison. Carl Hjelte and Salka Hallström
    Bornold tell the tale of a region where the stonemason fest
    has been going on since Etruscan times.

    par Carl Hjelte
  • Design alla Milanese

    Amish crafts, Japanese serenity and sneaker
    inspiration. Bo Madestrand came home from
    Milan with a bag full of good news.

    par Bo Madestrand
  • Remember Lisa

    Lisa Johansson-Papé was one of the leading
    designers of Finnish modernism. Today she’s as good as
    forgotten. Bo Madestrand reminds us of a
    female pioneer in a lab coat.

    par Bo Madestrand
  • The TV Show

    Things are happening at Tham & Videgård. This year, their largest
    project ever will be completed, including the new architecture school in Stockholm.
    Madestrand pulled on his overalls and hung with the architects
    during a very interesting spring indeed.

    par Bo Madestrand
  • Tangled up in white

    How did Swedishness become synonymous with blonde hair and
    red cottages? Salka Hallström Bornold uncovers the dirty roots
    of the Swedish whiteness norm. It starts with scientific racists,
    juvenile literature and Dalecarlian painters.

    par Salka Hallström Bornold
  • Welcome to Sweden

    Craft fest in the west, paper art in the north – or a baroque
    dinner in the palace? Form has hunted down design happenings
    all over the country. This is the only summer guide you need.

  • Picnic al Fresco

    This just in: fruit lamps, retro leaves
    and a sketched tree. Form picks this
    season’s golden apples.

    par The Form Team
  • Julien de Smedt

    He’s moved city before. But Julien De Smedt is a tad sceptical
    about his new hometown Stockholm. Sofia Hallström discusses
    conservatism and emergency design with the Belgian starchitect,
    who recently launched the new brand Makers With Agendas.

    par Sofia Hallström
  • A midsummer day’s dream

    It’s the season for Swedish cottage dreaming.
    Photographer Patrik Engström and stylist
    Alexandra Ogonowski show a modern version
    of the old National Romantic style.

    par Alexandra Ogonowski
  • Anna-Sara Dåvik

    We haven’t heard from her in a long while. But this year,
    Anna-Sara Dåvik is back with grand exhibitions and a revamped
    brand. Matilda Sandström went to Svartsjö castle to meet the
    fashion designer who now calls herself MME.

    par Matilda Sandström

A propos du magazine

Form FORM is the meeting between the industry's top writers and photographers. It is one of the oldest design magazines in the world, founded in 1905. FORM is a Stockholm based, covering architecture and design with a special focus on the Nordic region.

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