Jaquette Summertime madness

Summertime madness

  • magazine : Form
  • numero : 419 - 2019
  • date : 20 août 2019
  • catégorie : Art de vivre


  • A year of painful insights

    Form’s deputy editor is back full-time after a year’s sick leave for exhaustion syndrome. Read Salka’s report from the dark side of diligence.

    par Salka Hallström Bornold
  • Johannes Torpe

    Sprung from a hippie colony and with no education – Form’s reporter met with an unusually inspiring Dane. Johannes Torpe is known for his provocative and playful design, most recently with love and heartbreak furniture for Moroso.

    par Sofia Hallström
  • An inconvenient truth

    The big fashion companies boast about their sustainability efforts. But the reality is much darker. The textile industry emits 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, more than air and sea traffic globally. Sofia Hallström digs in the dirt caused by the world’s filthiest industry – fashion.

    par Sofia Hallström
  • Spring fever

    Fashion never goes on holiday. While others lie on the beach, Spring/ Summer 2020 is taking shape in the studios. This is also when freshly graduated fashion designers meet reality. Patrick Miller portrays a chief designer and four talents on their way to the future.

    par Salka Hallström Bornold
  • Aesthetics of resistance

    Under the name Namacheko, the Swedish-Kurdish Lurr siblings have taken Paris by storm. Their clothes are based on life in Iraqi Kurdistan, with patterns borrowed from Arabic ornamentation.

    par Carolina Söderholm
  • Rising stars

    Totems, spirit animals and other organisms. Salka Hallström Bornold sees the design of the future among the graduation projects at Konstfack and Beckmans.

    par Salka Hallström Bornold
  • A day at the factory

    After years of work by the forge, silversmith and tailor Ulrika Aneer grew tired of all the drab work clothes. Together with Anna Bandgren, designer at Julian Red, she started Kneg. And with the help of two tailors from Syria, they are now producing a new generation of work clothes
    – at an abandoned paper mill in Dalsland.

    par Carolina Söderholm
  • Let the show begin

    What is camp? A secret code language, magic, humour, extravagance, dead seriousness or an ironic attitude? Hanna Johansson sorts out the terms.

    par Hanna Johansson
  • Maxjenny Forslund

    Maxjenny Forslund is the furniture maker turned fashion designer. Form paid a visit to her little shop in Kødbyen,
    where she designs unique pieces.

    par Caroline Söderholm

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Form FORM is the meeting between the industry's top writers and photographers. It is one of the oldest design magazines in the world, founded in 1905. FORM is a Stockholm based, covering architecture and design with a special focus on the Nordic region.

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