Jaquette Guide to Unique Photography

Guide to Unique Photography

  • magazine : GUP
  • numero : 18 - 2009
  • date : 01 mai 2009
  • catégorie : Culture & arts


  • Fashion for life

    It’s been two years since our first and last fashion issue. It was a great success, selling out in just a couple of months (although that could be due to the fact that Kate Moss was splashed across the cover, but let’s not dwell). In this fashion issue we promise to better our
    first performance, not only because of the restyle, but the sheer quality and volume of fashion photography simply outdoes it.

    par Jochem Rijlaarsdam , Peter Bas Mensink , Roy Kahmann
  • Really great fashion photography is glamorous, or is it?

    Princesses, evening wear, elephants, boudoirs, the circus, the theatre - in short: Glamour! My first encounter with fashion photography was in the form of Richard Avedon’s work featured in the Netherlands’ best glossy.

    par Han Schoonhoven
  • Thomas Struth: Family Life.

    A traditional family portrait taken with available light, large format camera and tripod. Some basic rules of play were followed to achieve the effect; the family could only be photographed as a whole unit and they had to look into the lens. The whole family is dressed in informal.

    par Pim Milo
  • Fascinating anthropology

    The moment photographer Ari Versluis (1961) and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek (1964) determine a subculture, the members thereof are brought before the camera on their own and asked to strike a particular pose. The team’s approach to social groups is based on behaviors and appearance (the attitude), while the photography process is uniform and neutral (exact).

    par Pim Milo
  • Choices

    More than 350 covers for Vogue, 700 plus commercials, thousands of celebrations in front of the camera, countless photos for all the big fashion magazines, travel books and anything else you can think of. There aren’t many CVs that can boast that kind of criteria, in fact there is most likely only one that can. Albert Watson, icon of the fashion world and beyond, managed to squeeze us into his busy schedule to answer our burning questions about fashion photography.

    par Peter Bas Mensink
  • Du bist kein model

    Dennis Duijnhouwer isn’t that bothered when it comes to fashion photography. He used to do a fashion show once in a while, but his true passion lies elsewhere. For him fashion photography is all too often too slick, too contrived, and not spontaneous enough.

  • Portfolio Dennis Schoenberg

    Dennis Schoenberg assisted photography masters such as Rankin, Wolfgang Tillmans and Steven Klein. He’s now following in their footsteps by building
    up a solid portfolio. In London he captures authentic punk rock kids. His edgy approach to his work has already been rewarded by an extensive collaboration with I-D magazine.

  • Portfolio Julie Pike

    Julie Pike a photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway Her work is real, flirty and soft, sometimes reminding us of a young Corinne Day. Julie’s strength lies in portraying youg girls in a genuine way. Her sweet stories have us hanging on her every word...

  • In fashion

    Fashion photography has never been my favourite genre, but I have warmed to it over the years as several outstanding photographers’ have been brought to my attention through both the editorial and art world. When the mark is set high the pickings are good.

    par Laura Noble

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GUP GUP devotes each issue to a specific theme, featuring every angle of photography. From extensive portfolios of respected photographers and young talent to a complete international gallery and museum exhibition guide. This, and more, makes GUP a smart and inspirational guide for photographers, professionals in the business and all those interested in the art of photography.

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